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Corporate Governance

Remains one of the cornerstones of sustainable business development, and is a key factor for Investment decisions.

Acquara offers a full range of corporate governance services. Corporate governance is a cornerstone of sustainable business development and attracts growing attention from regulators and investors.


By allowing companies to respond properly to external challenges, good corporate governance enhances the confidence of the market players and is a key factor for investment decisions, a fact confirmed by many independent studies.

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Managed Corporate Governance

What We Offer


Drafting & Formulating

  • Drafting various SOPs, policies, manuals and forms.

  • Prepare SOPs of various HR processes.

  • Preparing Delegation of Authority Matrix and Risk Control Matrix.

  • Reviewing organization structure & mapping role & responsibilities.

  • Workflow mapping & flowchart preparations.


Regular Updation

  • Reviewing stress test report and internal audit reports.

  • Updating existing procedures & policies to cover the risk.

  • Updating various matrix & forms for periodic changes in policies and procedures.


Implementing & Training

  • Presenting revised procedures to board and seeking approvals.

  • Induct new policies and procedure.

  • Organizing walkthroughs and employee workshops for training on new procedures.


Evaluating & Stress Training

  • Stress testing existing policies & compliance procedures for gaps.

  • Evaluating & quantifying gaps into contingent / prospective risk.

  • Coordinating with internal auditors.

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Why We Are Better.

Key Benefits to our Clients

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Dedicated remote team (Backoffice team in India) under flexible contracts.

Cost reduction of 60% to 70% per annum.

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