As your compliance consultants, we shoulder your corporate financial compliances by Risk Control Matrix drawing on our multi-disciplinary compliance teams to frame policies, Delegation Of Authority, Listing Compliance, Corporate Governance India framework and conduct Internal Audit Services proceedings on your behalf. By doing so, we provide an effective and efficient way to ensure all obligations are met in a timely manner.

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Meet Compliance Goals & Accelerate Growth

It’s like walking a tightrope. Companies need well drafted policies, SOPs, Authority matrix to control operations and mitigate risk, while simultaneously driving growth, efficiency and competitive advantage over sector peers.

Acquara helps you deliver that balance with the 360 degree approach to ensure compliance, set up of your compliance framework and keep it updated with new developments.


Your Challenge:



of firms outsource at least part of their compliance functionality


of all organisations are exceeding their compliance budgets by 40%

Compliance is a board-level issue. You need to speed up your business. Support revenue growth without increasing risk exposure and implement one globally consistent compliance policy that is sensitive and flexible to local needs, but works in every territory.

Acquara's Compliance Consulting Services delivers data and analytically-derived insights on entities, principals and processes, enabling your organisation to be more informed, react quickly, and be better prepared.

Compliance Services

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

  • Policies
  • Standard Operating Procedure
  • Delegation of Authority and Risk Control Matrix
Listing Compliance

Listing Compliance

  • Pre Listing & Post Listing
  • Investor Relations
Internal Audit

Internal Audit

  • Cross Industry Audits
  • Compliance Audits

Our Purpose

Acquara is with you, shoulder-to-shoulder, all the way to strong performance, lasting value and responsible growth. Together, we can help make your business fit for tomorrow - a future that is sustainable.

  • Trust
    The Main element of our relationship with your business
  • Resilience
    Continuously monitoring your compliance
  • Security
    Define & Protect, what's important.
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