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Acquara offers managed HR services through an aggregate cloud platform with extensive and flexible reporting. This innovative technology, combined with the support of Acquara's dedicated client services back-end team, helps you simplify and ensure accurate Employee Management along with administration and polices.

Acquara has reimagined work with a cloud based HRM solution with an integrated mobile app for your employees that centralises your whole HR data into a single cloud system on record and ensures fully automated HR operations. 


Human Resource Services

- Managed HR

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Employee Management

Acquara's end-to-end employee management services help you save time with these convenient features:

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Attendance & Leave Management

- Integrate processes to track attendance of each employee on daily basis.

- Maintain employee records.

- Tracking daily leaves and updating & maintaining records; sharing reports & records of employees attendance and leaves on adhoc requests.

- Automation of Attendance and Leave Management processes as per the requirement.

- Based on the attendance records processing Salary/Payroll/Overtime.

- WPS processing.

Record Maintenance & Employee Benefits

- Keeping track of each and every employees visa status and visa records.

- Recording employee petty cash and wherever possible automating this process by implementing systems.

- Maintaining records and processing Medical Insurance, Airline tickets and any other additional benefits like accommodation and vehicle.

- Calculating end of service benefits / Termination and processing Final Settlements.

- Implementing HR module to track employees related details and HR management.


Administration & Policies

Acquara's administration & policy making services help you save time and stay focused on your core business activities

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- Tracking group/company Trade License renewals.

- Rent agreements tracking & renewal.

- Medical insurance, tracking, processing and renewal.

- Immigration, Labour PRO Services.

Policy Drafting

- Drafting Human Resource policies.

- Drafting company policies, templates and code of conduct for employees.

- Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality agreements with employees.

- Ensuring Employee awareness on the policies.

HRM System

- Provide cloud based HRM with direct access for employees through mobile App.

- Automate various day to day transaction through HRM  for Attendance, Leave Calculation, Salary slip generation, Petty cash submission, Leave applications etc.

- Install and maintain HRM software on HR team’s systems.

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Dedicated remote team (Backoffice team in India) under flexible contracts.

Cost reduction of 60% to 70% per annum.

Cloud based HRM system by Acquara with integrated Mobile app for employees